4 Basic Facilities That Offered In International School Di Jakarta

Global Sevilla - Extracullicular

Choosing the best school for your children will not far from taking note of all of its offers. It includes the whole facilities and location. International school di Jakarta is no different, especially if you consider this kind of institution as an elite choice. One of the schools that provide sufficient facilities is Global Sevilla. But what does it offer? Here are the answers for you.


The Basic Amenities, Room, And Facilities That Offered By Global Sevilla

Global Sevilla - Extracullicular

  1. Laboratories Rooms

Laboratories are some of the essential facilities that should be provided. The main reason is due to its functions that means to support teaching and learning activities. Whether it is during the class or outside the class, the laboratory room will provide space for specific usage. For example, science labs come with sufficient laboratory equipment to support practical activities.

In this case, the Global Sevilla school provides abundant laboratories that have various usage and activities. The rooms are available to support science to art activities at the international school in Jakarta. It also has a language lab available for class needs or extracurricular accomplishments. The said amenities are also available on both Global Sevilla campuses.


  1. Indoor And Outdoor Sport Facilities

Sports activities hold a big factor in children’s education. That is why there is a need for an open field or playground to hone pupils’ physical development. The outdoor and indoor locations will serve a bigger chance for students to learn in a given day. Global Sevilla also provides different kinds of fields, such as a gym, swimming pool, a basketball court.


  1. Adequate And Suitable Room Based On Student’s Level

The ratio of the classroom and the students should be in balance. In this case, the Global Sevilla school has two different campuses to cope with the big number of pupils. But the main idea is to provide suitable facilities for each level. The younger students have an outdoor playground and an attractive indoor sensory room.


  1. Location And Outdoor Space

Many international school di Jakarta struggle with the outdoor space due to the cramped location. The said problem is not a matter anymore since Global Sevilla has two campuses that have adequate amenities. All of the rooms are designed to have enough light and spaciousness. The campus is also surrounded by lush green and a wide-open area.

The most basic facilities that each school should provide are labs, playground, outdoor space, sports facilities, and sufficient room. In this case, the Global Sevilla Jakarta proved themselves as one of the best international institutions. The school provides various laboratories, abundant outdoor area, adequate sports facilities, and suitable room.


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